The story so far:

After the great problems generated by the "New World Order" Dr. Banzai located a group that had been operating in secret since the early 90's. The Cyclone Rangers had been working on brush fire problems through out the globe, bringing together a eclectic if not somewhat demented group of minds to help with the task. Working without the knowledge or the consent of their governments, they had been solving problems, sometimes directly, sometimes by a complete fluke of circumstances and a great deal of sheer luck.

These great unsung heroes have had encounters with the likes of Hanoi Xian (Who went underground after his encounter with the Cyclone Rangers), Really-Bad-Guy, Mrs. Snit, Dr. ?,and The Thing That Tomcat contacted (well, we didn't ask it's name after it tried to scrooch us...) and many others. Operating out of a secret base (It says so on the roof!), they monitor the world's activities through their computer network and various agents around the globe.

Their involvement with Dr. Banzai has been very limited due to their ability to generate bad press at an alarmingly high rate. Dr. Banzai has been known to tactfully disavow any knowledge of the Cyclone Rangers. In an actual press release he is quoted as saying ;

NNW (NATIONAL NEWS WIRE: Dr. Banzai, is it not true that your "Institute" supports certian fringe groups around the world like The Cyclone Rangers?

DR. B. BANZAI MD, PhD: "Excuse me, who?"

(Perfect Tommy is seen at this point tossing his hands in the air and looking to heaven, while Reno just shakes his head in silence)

Detailed on this site are the adventures of The Cyclone Rangers that have been declassified by the Rangers themselves and their attorneys due to the end of the statue of limitations or being so unreal, no one would believe them.